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Why Lubricant should be your new best friend!
Apr 13, 2015

Lubricants are the single most important sexual enhancement product available. It is easy to use and it really makes a huge difference. Lube isn't just for those that are having trouble in bed. There are tons of reasons to use lube and make every aspect of your 'fun times' that much more satisfying. When using lube every single touch and thrust will feel smoother and even more pleasurable, plus your partner will feel more confident as you are wetter, and maybe even inspire him to try out some new positions and or moves on you! Some of the reasons you should use lube each and every time you go for a 'roll in the hay' are:


Lube keeps things slipping and sliding from that first touch to your very last sigh! He can slide in and out as long as you both can handle. Plus with extra lubrication down there, there won't be any chafing, or 'ouch' moments for either of you.  


Lube will help the two of you maintain the steady rhythm most women need to orgasm (he can thrust continuously when you are wet, which makes it easier for him to vary his speeds. The extra stimulation will help build up sexual tension and bring you both to the climax you have always wanted.


You can use specific types of lube to enhance your sex life in specific ways.


Some examples are: 

You can use a warming or cooling/tingly lubricant when playing with her clit, or when stroking your man. Warming lubes can boost arousal by increasing blood flow to your clitoris, while cooling/tingly lubes work like an ice cube at first, then melt!


You can use a prolonging gel if you want to stay harder for longer periods of time. These help you rider her all night long.


There are great lubes specifically for anal fun. The anus is not self lubricating, so you always want to use lube when going in the back door to make it more fun and exciting for both partners. 


There are flavored lubes that are great for Oral. Using a bit of flavored lube will provide enough wetness that your jaw won't get as tired, plus it makes your play time even tastier! 


Glow in the Dark Massage Lotion are amazing and super fun for erotic massages too!


Are you using a condom? If so, put a small amount inside the tip before rolling it over his shaft. Adding a little lube to the inside of your condoms ups the sensitivity he feels inside.


Think of this, you are walking around on a super hot day and your thighs are sticking/rubbing together (not the greatest feeling). This is pretty much what if feels like for a guy when he is trying to enter you and you aren't wet enough. By adding a little bit of lube your man can focus on how good everything feels rather than the fact that things aren't sliding like they should be. Plus according to several sex therapists 'While a guy may logically know that  a women's wetness has nothing to do with his sexual prowess, subconsciously, he still may think that he's not good enough in bed to arouse you.' A bit of lube makes all of that go away, as you will be super wet and ready to go.


Lubricants create less friction and this translates to more vascular flow and increased sensation. It makes a gentle touch even gentler, and tender attention always increases ones satisfaction. There are tons of different kinds and types of lube out there too, so you can be sure there is one that you will like. Here are some of the different types of lubes out there:


Water Based Lubes, these feel more natural and less sticky.


Silicone Based Lubes, these are water resistant and tend to last a bit longer.


Vegan Friendly Lubes, these are made from all vegan ingredients and totally safe for your body.


Organic Lubes/oils, coconut oil is one of the best and can be used everywhere on your bodies. These however are not safe to use with condoms, so be careful. 


Everyone is different so don't give up and get discouraged if the first couple of lubes don't work out for you and your partner. Lube isn't any less natural than propping a pillow under your hips during sex. They both make sex more comfortable and pleasurable for both partners. If you're looking for a way to spice things up with your partner, or you're feeling a bit unfulfilled with your sex life, lube can help. Lubricants are by far the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance your sexual pleasure. 


Bottom line:

There isn't a spot on your body that lube can't go. Just watch what happens to foreplay when he drizzles some lube over your breasts and lets his hands glide all over you, or some flavored lube and lick/suck it off.  So in closing I will say, whichever lube you and your partner choose, be sure to keep it nearby so you don't have to stop and hunt for it. Now go get wet and have more fun than you knew was possible!     



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