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Why Use Non-Lubricated Condoms
Apr 6, 2016
why use non lubricated condoms why use non lubricated condoms

Lubricated Condoms Vs Non Lubricated Condoms

So, you’re asking yourself the age old question of why should I use non lubricated condoms? Well, first of I think it is good for you to understand the difference between lubricated and non lubricated condoms.

Lubricated Condoms

These are condoms that contain a small amount of lubricant in them. Some condoms offer a spermicidal lubricant. Some people find lubricated condoms easier to put on than the non-lubricated ones.

Lubricated condoms may still require additional lubricant, as not everyone has the same level of juiciness. Then there is of course anal, where you will want to make sure you have plenty of lube available to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Non Lubricated Condoms

Non lubricated condoms are just that, condoms without lubrication. As with any product there are several brands who make non lubricated condoms. Here at Condomania we care 3 of the top producers(LifestylesTrustex, and Trojan)

Why Use Non Lubricated Condoms

Chances are, even if you have been a long-time condom user, you may not know a whole lot about non-lubricated condoms. There are four main types of people who prefer to use non-lubricated condoms:

Lubricant Connoisseurs

There are so many different types of lube out there, and each with it’s own flavor or feature. You have flavored lubes, warming, cooling, water-based, silicone based, hybrids, oil(not condom compatible) and so on. Some people want to try each one to experience all there is.

Oral Performers

If you and your partner love the idea of oral sex, but hate getting lube in your mouth- non-lubricated condoms, like the Trojan Non-lubricated ENZ, are the perfect solution to your dilemma. In fact, they even come in enticing colors and flavors.

Other options for spicing up the oral side of things is using flavored lubes atop flavored latex barriers, ensuring you have safer oral sex. Rimjobs, blowjobs, eating out... there's a non-lubricated latex barrier for all of these otherwise risky activities.

People with Allergies

Some people have lube allergies. Now if you are wondering if you are but are unsure, read on for some tips to getting you closer to figuring it out.

If it's water-based, warming, tingling, cooling or has any other bells and whistles like added flavor, the chances are it's packed with potentially problematic ingredients for penetration.

Women have a very delicate pH balance in their vaginas. Lubricated condoms can contain ingredients such as parabens and glycerin. These can throw off the balance and cause a slew of less than desirable side effects, such as a yeast infection, in women who are especially averse to or allergic to these lubricant ingredients. 

Find out what you're sensitive to, and which products are right for you!

Do you think you might be allergic to condoms, or the lubricant that is on them, or both? How do you know for sure? What are your options to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) if you have condom or lubricant sensitivities?

Do you experience itching, burning, redness, or hives on/around your mouth or genitals during/after sex with condoms and lubricant?

First make sure these symptoms are not caused by an STI or a yeast infection. Check with your doctor or sexual health clinic.

If you have eliminated these possibilities, it is possible you are having a reaction to the materials in condoms or the ingredients in lubricants.

Now your challenge is to find out exactly what you might be having a reaction to.

Non Lubricated Condom Alternative Uses

alternate uses for non latex condoms alternate uses for non latex condoms

Using non-lubricated condoms for something other than safer sex? Survival, scientific testing protection from sweat during performances with a wireless microphone battery pack "Ten Alternative Uses for Condoms" "Camping with Condoms" "Condom Catheters and Incontinence" or as a mixed media art supply as seen in, "Condoms in Fine Art."


Some people just enjoy using non-lubricated condoms for the simple fact that they like to use the natural lubricant that is produced by the body.


Non-lubricated condoms are used by soldiers in the field, who need to keep sand out of their M-16s, by musicians and actors to keep their microphone battery packs from shorting out from sweat, by survivalists for starting fires and as a makeshift canteen which can hold up to 1 liter of water, and by fisherman as on-the-fly fly fishing lures.


Having trouble opening a jar? Open Stubborn Jars with a Non-Lubricated Condom. Some jars just refuse to open. If you're in a pinch, a non-lubricated condom can give you the grip you need to remove the lid. 


You can even make multiple elastic bands out of one so it doesn't go to waste. You don't have to use an entire condom just for one lid, though. Cut off the tip of the condom and proceed to cut the whole thing into mini latex bands. Now you can get a grip whenever you need or use the bands for anything a rubber band can do.



That about raps it up! Try out some non lubricated condoms today! Pair them up with different types of lube to find the best experience for you and your partner!


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