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Perfect g-spot positions for the smaller penis!

This week I am going to share with you the perfect positions for thesmaller penis! I want you to think back to one of my last blogs about the G-spot. It is no more than 3 inches inside the vagina. This puts your perfectly size penis in the perfect spot to rub right on it.

Position Secrets

Doggie Styleis one of the best ones for both of you to achieve orgasm. If you are as close as possible to your partner and she arches her back you will hit that g-spot every time you slide in or out. In this position you can have your partner lean forward on her forearms and grind on you making that much more pleasure.

The Sphinxis a good one too. Have your partner lie on her stomach leaning on her forearms with one leg up underneath and the other outstretched behind her. Just lay behind her and slide right in. This also allows for her to have her back slightly arched getting that g-spot. The pressure of your body on hers will create extra pleasure while she feels you deep inside.

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For theSnakeyou will want your partner flat on her belly with her legs closed. Have her arch her back slightly, possibly using a pillow for comfort, straddle her from behind in an upright position and gently spread her thighs to allow you entry. Then have her squeeze her thighs closed this will shorten her vagina cavity making you fill her fuller. Take care to keep your weight off her body, if you need to brace yourself bend forward and use the bed. That will not take away from the position very much.

Spooningalso allows for great g-spot stimulation. For a change scoot in and place your knees between hers. This will narrow the vagina. And best of all no slipping out.

Splitting Bamboo, have your partner lie on her back for this g-spot position. Lift one of her legs and place it on her shoulder while you straddle her other thigh. Lifting her leg up will allow you to get right in there to the g-spot and the extra pressure of you pinning her down could very well drive her insane. The higher you can hold her leg up the deeper you will be able to penetrate so if you need to lean over and use the bed to support go right ahead.

Best of all her hands can be free to play with you or her clit using her fingers, or even your fingers, orbulletsor thePetite Treat! Another take on the Bamboois if you kneel behind her and hold the weight of both her legs on your chest or forearms. This will allow deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation.

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