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Types of lube

Personal lubricants have been used since ages to enhance sexual pleasure. We at Condomania have an eclectic mix containing all kinds of lubes. 

If you are looking for a lube to use with your latex condoms and sex toys or if you have sensitive skin, choose from the wide range our water based lubricants. Products from leading brands like Pink, Wet, Dude lubes, Swiss navy and Divine 9 are available to satisfy all your requirements.

You can select from our wide assortment of silicone based products if you want your lubricant to last longer. You can find lubes with silicone base from world class brands like Wet, Pjur, Swiss Navy and Astroglide at Condomania.

Oil based lubes are best suited for relationships that do not require the use of condoms. Our oil based product range includes lubes from boy butter that comes in different volumes to fulfil different usage intervals.

While our mixed base range has brands like Probe silky and Spunk, our store features lubes from Sliquid for all those who want to try out organic lubes. Our special clitoral arousal gel from Wet WoW is a big hit with all our customers.

Lube by Type at Condomania

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