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ID Lube

High quality ingredients and lubricants that are popular with our customers. With excellent water-based, warming and silicone options, you won’t disappointed with this choice.

  • ID Backslide 1oz Bottle

    • 1 Uniquely Blended Formula

      Special silicone-based formula includes clove extract and spilanthes extract which provides a natural muscle relaxing effect.

    • 2 Thick and Cushony Texture

      thick, cushiony texture and feel make every anal experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

    • 3 Clove and spilanthes extract

      Allows for ease of penetration while not desensitizing completely.

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  • Lubricant - ID Glide Personal

    59 Review(s)
    • 1 Promotes Absolute Comfort

      Doesn’t get sticky and has the most natural feel of all personal lubricants.

    • 2 Promotes a Natural Feel

      Provides you with all the slip you could ask for in a water-base lubricant!

    • 3 Long lasting

      Lasts a long time and can easily be re-activated with a drop of water or saliva.

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  • ID Sensation Warming Liquid

    • 1 Warming Liquid

      Warms on contact, providing increased excitement for enhanced intimacy.

    • 2 Water soluble and latex compatible

      The perfect product to heat up your love life!

    • 3 Gentle warming

      Creates gentle warming stimulation and ignites passion in one bottle.

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  • ID Millennium Lubricant 4.4 oz

    • 1 Long-lasting pleasure

      Silicone-based lubricant made with the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade silicone providing ultra long-lasting, non-sticky lubrication.

    • 2 Super-concentrated

      Does not dissolve in water so it can be safely used in showers, baths, or hot tubs.

    • 3 Just a little goes a long way...

      Enhances self-pleasuring since it does not dry out.

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