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Sir Richards Extra Large


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Sir Richards Extra Large

12 Latex Condoms
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Extra Large

    Designed especially to suit the needs of the well endowed.

  • 2 Standard Shape

    Standard straight wall shape for larger guys.

  • 3 Vegan

    Vegan blend is free from casein.

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Sir Richard’s Extra Large Condoms are larger than average and offer a thin, natural latex option in a standard straight wall shape for larger guys. They're great, classic condoms.

All Sir Richard’s condoms are eco-friendly. They are made from 100% natural latex and lubricated with a premium lubricant that is free of parabens, glycerin and spermicide. The latex blend dos not contain casein, which is a milk protein (or any other dairy product). Because of this, Sir Richard’s Condoms are one of only a handful of condom brands that have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

Sir Richard's Condoms are vegan-certified and PETA-certified. They are also manufactured to ensure that they have a very minimal latex odor. Why not do something good while you’re doing something good? Sir Richard’s Condoms were created as a way to address the growing global health crisis of lack of condom accessibility. One of the goals of Sir Richard’s Condoms was to produce a superior-quality, safe condom while harnessing the power of this business to donate condoms in regions where condom availability is lacking. For every Sir Richard’s Condom you buy, the company will provide a condom to a developing area. Sir Richard’s is also the exclusive condom partner of RED, and 5% of the proceeds from every Sir Richard's brand of condoms will go to the fight against AIDS.

Larger size. Standard straight wall shape. Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description 12 Latex Condoms
Weight 0.4000
Condom Material Latex
Condom Layflat Width 56mm
Condom Length 7"
Condom Thickness .08 mm
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Condom Size Standard
Condom Features Chemical-free, Premium silicone-based lubricant. No spermicides, glycerin or parabens.
Customer Reviews (16)
Very well made, but they're a little snug
Very well made, but they're a little snug if you're generally ordering Magnum XL... so if you have some girth I'd pass. Review by Kevin M (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Sir Richards are the only latex condoms I can use
Thought I was allergic to latex because I have terrible allergic reactions to latex condoms- turns out I'm allergic to the chemical preservatives they put on most latex condoms- Sir Richards are the only latex condoms I can use- love that they use quality materials/ingredients! Review by Mary Jayne (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Not worth the price
They are ok none of them broke the lube they use is so/so and they don't have as strong of smell as magnums but are not worth the price I'm going to stick with one legends Review by cardex (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Not actually that much bigger than regular condoms
These are not actually that much bigger than regular condoms, they didn't fit my boyfriend. We switched to female condoms. They're much larger, if you need an alternative. Review by Amazon Customer (Posted on 10/31/2015)
The product is fantastic. Exactly the right fit. I would not suggest buying this size if you use Trojan Magnum. They will likely be too snug. My problem was more how the package was handled. Nothing besides the box appeared to be damaged. It was in a padded envelope that was practically flattened on my doorstep. The box had tears in it and it was smashed. Again, the product is great and I'm happy with my choice to purchase. Review by Valerie Emery (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Lubricant is very good and has zero smell
Really love these - the lubricant is very good and has zero smell. Very durable - in my subjective experience, way better than durex/trojans. Most importantly, its a perfect fit (though as others point out, these are a bit smaller than the Magnums). Review by Victor D "Glitchypoo" (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Absolutely my favorite
I work at a Sexual Health Center and definitely know my way around condoms. Kimonos, Durex, Trojans, even glow in the dark. You name it: I've probably tried it. These guys are absolutely my favorite. Not only is the packaging super aesthetically pleasing, and not only do they donate condoms to countries in need to help prevent AIDS and other STIs, but these extra large ones are just GREAT condoms! I feel like I have the room I need; they go on plenty easy; they've never given me any problems. Cons: kind of wish they came in colors. Review by septaphon (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Could be just a tad bit longer.
I tried these rubbers because I'm allergic to something in Trojan lube, so we couldn't use Magnums. Whatever kind of lube they use is supreme. There was no allergic reaction, and the lube held up very nicely so we didn't have to burn through several in one session. They are wide enough to fit around the PracticalJokePenis without strangulating it, which makes him happy. The one thing I will say is they could be just a tad bit longer. The length should not deter one from trying them, as they are long enough and stretchy. All of the feel-good hippie stuff like giving to charity is benevolent too. We will purchase these again in large quantities. Review by Commodity_Girl (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Not tight
"I picked up a variety of these, Trojan Magnum Ecstasy and Okamoto 004 condoms. I would say these are about the same as the Trojans as in nothing special. The Okamoto 004's are a different story though, best condom I have ever used and even the girlfriend commented on how they feel like I am not using anything at all.
I was expecting better based on the reviews here but they must not have tried the Okamoto's yet.
I realize that these are extra large as is the Magnum's which is the size I need to to my girth and slightly longer than average. These do fit OK but are slightly tight which I wasn't expecting so keep this in mind if you are thick. The Okamoto's are not marketed as fitting larger sizes but there elasticity and thinness make for an excellent fit even if you are large. I can't wear normal sized condoms as they are just too tight but that is not the case with the Okamoto's."
Review by MJA (Posted on 10/31/2015)
1-2 mm smaller in circumference than Trojan Magnums
"I personally like the fact that these condoms don't have any chemicals on them whatsoever, and that was my reason for buying.
However, they're about 1-2 mm smaller in circumference than Trojan Magnums. (Yes, it makes a difference). Not quite as long, either."
Review by Michelle (Posted on 10/31/2015)
"I like the plaid box.
They also are trustworthy, no love without a glove."
Review by Jen B. (Posted on 10/31/2015)
I can only use this condom because I have sensitive skin so I can't tolerate chemicals. As of now, I don't have any issues.
I can only use this condom because I have sensitive skin so I can't tolerate chemicals. As of now, I don't have any issues. Review by J.D. (Posted on 10/29/2015)
Like em
very good fit. thin and strong Review by Nic (Posted on 10/25/2015)
We both like the tasteful packaging.
My boyfriend hates condoms so I am always trying new brands he may like. These are one of his favorites, said they feel okay which is high praise. Review by Laura (Posted on 10/25/2015)
I have a lot of girth so these work really well for me!
I recommend to those with thick penis' who have trouble with regular condoms as me. Review by Larry S. (Posted on 10/25/2015)
Eco friendly and so thin!!
Defiantly have to get xl though, we got the regular sized and they were really small and tight Review by Oddgirl (Posted on 10/25/2015)
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