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Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant 4.2oz


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Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant 4.2oz

One 4.2 oz bottle
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Hybrid organic personal lubricant

    Water and silicone based personal lubricant botanically infused with natural ingredients to create a natural silky and creamy texture.

  • 2 Blended with emollient esters

    This natural lubricant resembles a fragrance free soothing skin lotion.

  • 3 A healthier choice

    This glycerine and paraben free organic lubricant has been blended with certified organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body.

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Sliquid Organics Silk is an aloe & silicone based hybrid personal lubricant, botanically infused with organic extracts. This hybrid blend creates a natural silky and creamy texture. Infused with emollient esters, this natural lubricant resembles a fragrance free, soothing skin lotion. Sliquid Organics Silk is ideal to use on your most delicate body tissues, and for women with sensitivities. The silicone adds longevity to the aloe-based blend, making it ideal for long-lasting intimate sessions, as well as ideal for sensual massage. Sliquid Organics Silk cleans up with the ease of a water based lubricant, and has the added longevity of a silicone based lubricant.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Flavor No
Quantity & Package Description One 4.2 oz bottle
Weight 0.4000
Lube Base Water
Lube Bottle Flip Top
Lube Thickness No
Lubricant Type No
Flavor No
Condom Safe Yes
Toy Safe No
Customer Reviews (57)
Comparable to other Sliquid products
I would say this is comparable to other Sliquid products, though not really standing out ahead of any of them. It feels a lot like regular Sliquid product in a male designed bottle. Still worth a buy, though. Review by LadyTL (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Good for vanilla sex
Good for vanilla sex (including anal), use with average toys and probably jilling along. Massive toys and/or maniacal action will find this wanting. The lack of taste and painful ingredients would make this a four or five, but the poor performance with big toys drops it to a three for me, it hurt. Buy the Sassy Booty formula instead. Your body will thank you. Review by biggieaddict (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Felt too "thick" rather than "slick"
Lasts a long time, but it felt too "thick" rather than "slick", almost like using a small amount of an oil-based lube. Wish it was compatible with our silicone-based toys; seems like it would be good for that. Review by Jean Green (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Quality product
While I gave this product 4 stars b/c it's a quality product that I've used before & always love, I do want to note that what I received was NOT WHAT I ORDERED. The product pictured and described is the ORGANIC version of Sliquid's Silk Lubricant. What I received is the slightly different Sliquid NATURALS version (with the purple label). I've used both versions, and love both, but it's important to note since some people may be after the organic version because of allergy needs. Review by Sryope (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Possible silicone to silicone reaction for toys
WARNING: This product contains silicone. This is very important information that should have been published in this ad. While it's a nice product, I can't use it for what I intended it for, because of possible silicone to silicone reaction. My toys are expensive, I'm not taking that risk. Review by Tonya Mosher "forkeh" (Posted on 10/31/2015)
This lubricant is the best
This lubricant is the best I have found. It is natural, made of aloe and other items and does not include glycerin. Glycerin breaks down to a sugary substance that a lot of times leads to yeast infections for women. This stuff also tastes ok, and washes off fairly easy, or is absorbed by the skin. Silicon based lubes do not wash off very easily. This stuff is a bit thick, so in another bottle I mix it with a little bit of water to make it more watery. The bottle it comes in also leaks if you travel with it, so its also a good idea to find another bottle that will not leak. Review by Amazon Customer (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Goldilocks of lubes
This lube is the Goldilocks of lubes I've tried. Water based was too thin and penetration burned. Silicone based was too thick for vaginal use. This hybrid is just right. No foreplay needed. This stuff is the best I've tired. Review by Cat (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Only lube we use
This is the only lube we use, and since my cancer treatment has messed with my ability to get as slippery as necessary, this product is a god-send. It's a great texture, silky and not sticky at all.
Absolutely worth the price!
Review by Saraslug (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Best lubricant that you can buy
This is the best lubricant that you can buy! Its all natural and the body can tell. It feels perfect and so gentle on the lady parts. My man likes this one the best too. The application looks & feels natural! I will never look for another lubricant. I am 100% sold on this bottle. Review by Luna (Posted on 10/31/2015)
The best lube for my sensitivities
The best lube for my sensitivities. Finally found a good slick lubricant without having irritation after. Review by Amazon Customer (Posted on 10/31/2015)
With a partner it can wear off quickly and we end up using a lot
Shipped quickly, bottle is a good size. It's great for toy use and doesn't irritate sensitive parts, which is wonderful. With a partner it can wear off quickly and we end up using a lot though. Review by Lily Rosalie (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Requires constant addition of water to make it "sliquid" again
Other than the high price tag I can't find anything negative to say about this product. It works well (must keep it moist at times) and is easy to clean up. Recommended!
Edit: I've actually started using a different product... after using it longer I discovered that it just gets too sticky and requires constant addition of water to make it "sliquid" again. If you don't mind that it works pretty well.
Review by Aquarius (Posted on 10/31/2015)
happy to find this
No more looking! Tried a few others before this and water based alone dries too fast & silicone alone was either too oily or sticky. This mixture of both works just fine! I mostly use for daily personal use (female menopause). I'm happy with the results especially because my lifestyle is based on organic and/or natural products, so I'm very happy to find this!! Review by Cherie Ann (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Will buy again
No burning, no stinging. All natural ingredients is a plus. Not sticky. Does what it needs to do. Will buy again. Vegan friendly. Review by Jay Palacio (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Love the feel of this
Love the feel of this. Love the lack of residue. Love the smell (nearly none) only wish it lasted just a little longer but else wise it was perfection! Review by Lynx212 (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Works perfectly, not sticky at all, ever
It works perfectly, not sticky at all, ever. The only thing that surprised me was that it isn't clear. I actually kind of wish it were clear. Otherwise great performance in every way. Review by A. Sletteland "Aym" (Posted on 10/31/2015)
It's a winner
If you are sensitive to chemicals this may be your winner. No yeast issues using this product. Review by Tash (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Like this lube
I'd used other Sliquids before, first time for this one. Truly gives a silky feel where applied, a little water reactivates it. I like that when it dries it doesn't flake off like some lubes do. Review by T. Gallegos (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Very satisfied with this product
I was very satisfied with this product. It came promptly and was as good as other reviewers indicated it would be. Review by Deb Smith (Posted on 10/31/2015)
Pure and well formulated
I use this religiously. If you have an IUD it's essential because the way IUD's work is they create a low grade infection in your cervix, therefore, you're prone to frequent and recurring bouts of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, all sorts of unpleasantness. This stuff is so pure and well formulated I don't have as many problems down there. If you're considering IUD as birth control don't do it it's the worst thing I ever could have done to my beautiful sacred spot. Review by Robert Crawford (Posted on 10/31/2015)

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