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The Best Lubed Condoms – LifeStyle Condom

We have all been there before. Standing in front of a plethora of condom options at the local retail store. You’re sweating as you try to focus on what type of product you want to purchase. A little kid walks past with their mom. You shudder. Then you grab the first thing that you see and dart for the check out lane. I’m here to help end the suffering of this excruciatingly embarrassing moment in life. The following will educate you on “lubricated condoms”.

Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive:

Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Condoms is a safe, sensitive, and lubricated latex condom made by Lifestyle. Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Condoms come in a standard shape and comes with an exclusive flared shaped tip that enhances sensitivity. The condoms come in a standard size and comes specially lubricated with spermicide for maximum pleasure and decreased risk of pregnancy. The Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Condoms are a part of the sensitive collection that the Lifestyle brand produces. The Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Condoms come very thin but still offers the same safety and reliability as standard condoms. These condoms are strong and sensitive and have a low latex scent. When using this product be aware of size; there have been a few reports where the condom is loose or broken. If you or your partner have a latex allergy try an alternative non-latex condom that Lifestyle produces. Comfort shape / premium size / thin condom / sensitive and lubricated latex. Similar Items: If you are looking for something similar, take a look at Trojan Ultra Thin For Ultra Sensitivity Lubricated Premium Latex Condoms or Durex Extra Sensitive Ultra Thin Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms. is Americas First Condom Store and has been selling condoms since 1991, We have sold tens of millions of condoms from the largest and smallest brands. Condomania is the premier source for condom reviews, wholesale condoms for your organization as well as custom wrapped and custom printed condoms (yes on the latex condom itself). Our expert staff are here to help with any questions.

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