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Below are the best options from our over 25 years of experience and and over 150 condom choices in stock. 

  • Kimono Maxx Flared

    • 1 Thin

      20% Thinner Than Other Large Condoms for more sensation, more fun, and more stimulation!

    • 2 Flare shape

      Features an exaggerated flared shape which provides extra headroom along with additional width for more comfort.

    • 3 Lubricated

      Enhanced by a silky water based lubricant that provides a smooth, ultra natural feeling.

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  • Kimono Maxx

    19 Review(s)
    • 1 Thin

      20% thinner than average designed to provide a better love making experience.

    • 2 Extra headroom

      Offers a longer shaft and more headroom for more comfort

    • 3 Contoured shape

      Easier to put on, comfortable to wear and much stronger.

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  • Kimono MicroThin Large

    34 Review(s)
    • 1 Thinnest Large Condom

      upto 45% thinner than other large brands providing users with a sheer, thin design while maintaining comfort and superior performance.

    • 2 Best large condom

      A relaxed fit at the head eliminates that constricting feeling, an increase in length of the condom to provide coverage for a longer penis, and a retained secure fitting base to prevent slipping or leaking.

    • 3 Vegan

      Paraben and glycerin free, no milk/animal proteins.

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  • Large Condom Sampler

    10 Review(s)
    • 1 Fitting

      Snug but not too tight, fit for your big boy.

    • 2 Variety

      Try our selection to find out which is your favorite!

    • 3 Assortment

      A nice assortment of 12 of the roomiest condoms available for our larger customers

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