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  • Water Based Lubes: Don't stain sheets and are available from very thin and watery to some which are thicker than mayo. These are best for all types of sex and depend a lot on personal preference.

  • Silicone Based Lubes: With a more slippery feel since it isn't absorbed by the skin, silicone gives you a different feel. These can be costly with some ranging into the hundreds of dollars per bottle. We recommend trying something a bit more affordable and see if you like the feeling.

  • Hybrid Lube: There are fewer choices in the hybrid option, but some customers swear by them. With a mix of water and silicone, these tend to be on the thicker side but not as thick as mayo.

Guidance Text and general lube maxims.

Try one of our samplers to dip your toe in the water. These are mostly foils or pillows that have a single use, but it will give you a way to figure out what you like with a very small investment.

  • Astroglide Personal Lubricant ...

    60 Review(s)
  • Pink Silicone Lubricant

    35 Review(s)
  • Sliquid H2O Intimate Lubricant...

    102 Review(s)
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