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Lighter Consistency

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I see you're looking for a water based lube which is thinner. This is where the party gets going.

We have some amazing options picked out for you below and we think you're gonna love them!

  • Astroglide Personal Lubricant 2.5 oz.

    60 Review(s)
    • 1 Silky Smooth

      Let things glide with our unique, top-selling formula that provides silky smooth lubrication for sheer sensation and satisfaction.

    • 2 Long Lasting

      Relish in the pure bliss of exhilarating sex with long-lasting, condom-compatible lube that washes off clean with water.

    • 3 Moisturizes

      not only lubricates to keep things going, but also moisturizes to keep things flowing.

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  • Pink All Natural Water Lubricant

    67 Review(s)
    • 1 Water-based lubricant

      Designed with the specific needs of women in mind.

    • 2 Fortified with Aloe Vera

      It is gentle on your skin and all sensitive areas.

    • 3 Glycerin free

      glycerin free and contains no pigment so it does not stain fabrics.

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  • Boy Butter Clear 2 oz

    • 1 Invisigel

      A highly concentrated silicone-alternative formula which is 100% water-based

    • 2 Non-staining

      Non-staining and washes off with water alone from skin and fabric.

    • 3 Hypoallergenic

      Ideal for people with highly sensitive skin, relieves vaginal dryness and is safe for condom use


  • Swiss Navy Water Base Lubricant 8oz

    • 1 Water Based Personal Lubricant

      Advanced formulation for better viscosity and slickness.

    • 2 Longer Lasting

      Long-lasting formula enhances sexual satisfaction and is perfect for any intimate activity requiring extra lubrication and less friction.

    • 3 Ergonomic "leak proof" bottle design with locking pump

      Come in a patented “leak proof” bottle with a convenient single-hand pump for easy, non-interruptive applications.

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