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XGen Original Body Wand


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XGen Original Body Wand

Sold in retail box per piece.
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Quick Facts

  • 1Like Magic Wand

    The Bodywand by X Gen is a wand style vibrator. Like the Magic Wand Original, it plugs into the wall, makes a lot of noise, and is ridiculously powerful. It can be used for your back, or your peep. You can also use it internally with any attachment made to fit it or the Magic Wand Original.The Bodywand comes in many variations including rechargeable, aqua, and the mini (battery and rechargeable.

  • 2Clean and Care

    The head of the Body Wand head is slightly porous, so be sure to cover it during with a silicone topper, or a sock also works. Wash after each use with a gentle soap. Only use water based lube.

  • 3 Function

    The two speed function also makes me less likely to recommend it to anyone and everyone, despite my deep and abiding love for it. The Bodywand intensities operate by an easy-to-use little wheel, which gives it a broad range.


The Xgen Original Body wand is the largest of the 3 offered and is the most powerful. The wand style shape fits smoothly in your hands which lets you comfortably and easily direct the Soft Touch head over and around sore muscles or more intimate areas.

There’s a little dial the just requires one fingertip which starts up the vibration and can switch to multiple speeds. People really enjoy the subdued sounds levels which are pretty impressive considering the power of the Body Wand. There are also other attachments you can buy (even for men!). The parts of made from silicone which is for an easy clean up. If you'll be using a lubricant, choose a good water based formula; this type of lube is safe for any toy material, and will keep your Wand in tip top shape. 

If you are looking for a full sized extra powerful massager, this one will give you a run for your money providing deep and powerful vibrations. It is a plug in which means it’ll be ready exactly when you need. The cord is 6 feet long providing extra room to move and enjoy. Please find some reviews below: 
Powerful and amazing!! - Leeanna 
This toy is very fun you will have an orgasm every time for sure! I love it and they last long as well :) 

Ohemgee- so good it needed to be spelt out - Anonymous 
I couldn't stop tracking my delivery and was practically standing at the door when it arrived. Am i ever so happy. I debated buying a toy that needed to be plugged in, but because i go thru batteries so quickly i figured i had nothing to lose. This toy is great -hands down and I’ve decided that i will be sleeping with it from now on. Thank you for supplying it and an xtra special thank you to Body Wand for making it. 

Length: 13" 
Girth: 7.5" at largest point 
Width: 2.25" at largest point 
Materials: ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer 
Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Phthalate Free 

Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description Sold in retail box per piece.
Weight 1.5800
Toy Properties Made from silicone
Color No
Toy Noise 2
Toy Speed 3
Battery Cord is 6 feet long
Toy Contains Latex No
Toy Diameter No
Toy Length No
Toy Material No
Contains Phthalates No
Gender Female
Customer Reviews (38)
My favorite toy
The Fairy Mini has quickly become one of my favorite toys for a few basic reasons. It's easy to use, not at all intimidating, lightweight, feminine, has multiple speeds, and for its little size is a very, very powerful hand held massager. I’m a big fan of another very popular hand held massager - the Hitachi Magic Wand...well, I hate to say it and I really didn’t want to have to make any comparisons but I think my lovely Hitachi may have found some competition in the Fairy Mini Review by Kara Sutra (Posted on 10/23/2015)
5 stars
The vibrations are loud (it is plugged into the wall after all!) the sensations drown out the noise. When this baby touches me, I cannot hear a thing. The cord (at 4 1/2 feet) could be longer; that is the only slight downfall. Review by DixieDoo (Posted on 10/23/2015)
A must to any bedroom collection
This is a must to any bedroom collection. The short cord is a little disappointing; they should have added a few feet at least for maneuverability (an extension cord solves the problem). I love not having to worry about it dying in the middle of my many orgasms and not having to buy batteries. If the noise is not an issue with you, I would give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! Review by Darktragedy (Posted on 10/23/2015)
has a few minuses
Its an excellent piece of design and has a few minuses. It has the power needed when you need it, and has the flexibility to give you just the power you need.
it's a thoroughly qualified massage wand for vanilla or rocky road massages. Just lock the animals in another room, or the whine may get to them.
Review by Shadowfall (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Loved this toy
Overall, I loved this toy. I LOVED IT. There are no batteries or recharging involved. Just plug it in the wall, click it on, and have at it! Review by Vanille (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Low price, insane intensity
Overall, I would highly recommend this product to any woman or couple looking to add a little more fun into their love life. Its low price and insane intensity are reasons why anyone should buy this product. Review by Rusty Shakleford (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Didn't work so well for me
If you like buzzy and high pitched vibrations, and you don't need pinpoint stimulation to get off, this is the vibrator for you! However, it didn't work so well for me. I need vibes that are deeper and pinpointed. Review by Girly Juice (Posted on 10/23/2015)
A good investment
I absolutely love this toy. It is one of my favorites and I use it every day. I enjoy using it with other toys, but it does fine by itself. It is definitely a good investment!! Review by Amber M (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Not reliable
I think I might have bought a defective toy, but for me the value was just not there. If I get another one and it lasts longer, I would reconsider, but I like my vibrators to be reliable. Review by JustineB (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Love this product!
I LOVE this product!! My friend was telling me about it. She told me, it will blow your mind away. I sure know what she means now. It's a great awesome massager! Though it might be a little too much for beginners as its very strong. Review by sexyhellokitty (Posted on 10/23/2015)
If you're looking for magic
Have you felt like you lacked a little bit of magic in the bedroom? The Fairy Wand is here to hep! This large, old-school outlet wand vibrator may throw you off at the beginning, but she'll end up on your good side. The Fairy lacks in the departments of discreet, quiet, and versatile. It makes up for it other areas. Great for power queens and beginners alike! Review by shielaray (Posted on 10/23/2015)
Awesome power
This is a great toy for general massage and for those who need extremely powerful vibrations. The vibrations might be a little too buzzy for some people. While it looks cute, it might be a bit intimidating due to its sheer power. Review by Taylor (Posted on 10/12/2015)
Worth it
There's no need to sacrifice anything by downsizing! The Fairy Mini packs all the great things users love about the Hitachi wand in to a smaller and more user friendly design. So get ready to cast a spell on you or your partner with this high-powered magical wand. Review by PassionQT (Posted on 10/12/2015)
It is discreet and adorable with a compact design.
The Mini Fairy is a petite, but crazy powerful, plug-in style wand vibe. As a lover of good wand massagers, I was totally impressed and enamored with this toy. If you are a fan of powerful vibes, I would highly recommend this toy. Review by V.T.T (Posted on 10/12/2015)
The massager is mini but mighty.
When you purchase the Fairy Wand Mini, you will not be disappointed or let down. If fulfills every need for in a vibrator at a very cost effective price. Review by ge0rge (Posted on 10/12/2015)
The Hitachi has met its rival.
The term 'Fairy Wand' is a total cover up to trick you into thinking it's sweet and innocent when really it will make your eyeballs find the back of your head within seconds of having this baby on high. Review by imp (Posted on 10/12/2015)
The fairy-wand mini is a MUST-HAVE massaging vibrator
it will blow you away! It is fairly small but very powerful with its many orgasmic vibrating functions and overall simplicity and ability to really make you sky rocket to the moon with an ooh, an ahh, and a loud orgasmic wow! If you can’t get off on this bad boy, then no other toy can. Review by Foxxy Kitty (Posted on 10/12/2015)
Fairy Mini packs even more power than the Hitachi
The Fairy wands get compared to the Hitachi a lot, but in my opinion, I'd go for a Fairy first, because the controls are much easier to fine-tune, and from my experience, in a smaller package. Review by Neurogasm (Posted on 10/12/2015)
welcomed surprise
It is strong and rumbly, and cute too! I can use it for many things and it is making its way up to the top of my toy box. Review by Angelica (Posted on 10/12/2015)
Highly Recommended
This is a wonderful toy for solo or partner play- the intense vibrations will provide intense pleasure. There are no batteries to mess with; just plug it in and it's ready to go whenever you are! The bottom line is that if mine died tomorrow, I would replace it immediately! Review by KittyBaby (Posted on 10/12/2015)

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